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A Car Insurance Calculator is an online tool that consumers can use to get connected with car insurance companies, acquire quotes and determine the type of coverage they desire. Because auto insurance rates vary a lot and are dependent on numerous variables, a calculator for car insurance can be very helpful.

Note: NOT all free online car insurance calculators are the same! Try our choises above here

Advantages of a Car Insurance Calculator

A Car insurance calculator is helpful for many reasons, such as these:

  • The ability to compare rates between companies
  • Best rates available, as companies are competing
  • Rates specific to the state in which you live
  • The opportunity to compare quotes by changing coverage
  • A view of rates in relationship to criteria you specify


What Affects Insurance Rates?

Rates are affected by numerous variables: Car Insurance Calculator

  • Age and Sex
  • Driving habits
  • The state in which you reside
  • Number of vehicle accidents
  • Number of miles on your car
  • Average miles driven per year
  • DUI-DWI convictions and SR22 insurance
  • Moving violations
  • Model and year of your vehicle

The more coverage you elect the more your rate goes up. As an example if you choose $300,000 in liability, you’ll pay a lot more than if you go with $80,000. Why would you choose to pay for more liability coverage? There are a few reasons.

First, there’s peace of mind. The fact is in an accident you can find yourself liable for $500,000 or more in damages, which might include destruction of property and injuries to those in your vehicle or other vehicles, including suffering and hospital bills.

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Coverage Levels

With regards to your state insurance coverage requirements, there are 3 principal classifications to examine: Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Under/Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury. These tend to be the areas where states vary in the amount of minimal protection that is needed for each of the 3 areas. The higher the coverage the higher your monthly rates will be.

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Criteria used to calculate rates of car insurance

Age: Sorry to say, but younger drivers should expect to pay a lot more for insurance policy. Young motorists tend to be more susceptible to accidents (statistically speaking), consequently insurance companies require a higher premium from persons between the ages of 16 to 26. Your age is among the biggest factors impacting the amount you pay for insurance policy.

Gender: Men are going to pay much more for car insurance. Men are more prone to speed, drive after drinking, drive carelessly and even less likely to wear a seat-belt. Just like your age, there’s not very much you can do regarding your gender.

Vehicle: The type of car you drive will have an effect on your insurance premium. Some of the components that determine your insurance rate are:

  • Model of your car: Driving a pickup truck or a SUV will cost you much more than driving a smaller model of auto. Some car’s also are more prone to theft in some states/cities, if your car is on a insurance companies listing of automobiles which has a lower rate of theft you will pay less for car insurance
  • Engine of your car: The more powerful your vehicle the faster it really is and therefore the more probable you can be involved in incidents. This is why larger cars require larger insurance costs, while smaller cars with less potent engines will pay less
  • Value of your car: The more pricey your auto the more your car insurance premium is going to be. More expensive cars have greater costs of repair because difficult to acquire broken parts, there are less specialized repair centers, etc).

Your location: Living in a city significantly increases the chance of vehicle incidents and theft. If you live in an area with higher crime rates, count on paying more for car insurance. If you live in a city, expect to pay more than you would in case you lived inside a rural area.

Your Driving history: If you have had a DWI-DUI, speeding tickets or already been ticketed for reckless driving you can expect to spend more for car insurance and will be hard to find cheap SR22 insurance.


How to Shop Online with a Car Insurance Calculator

A few quick tips can help you make the most out of utilizing an online car insurance calculator. These include to:

  • Have all right information handy, together with that on your own vehicle(s), driving record and coverage requirements
  • Be precise regarding miles driven annually and other driving routines
  • Be sincere relating to your driving record


Use of Calculator

Car insurance calculators which request you to input as much criteria as possible will provide you with the most accurate rates and estimate your insurance charges. This is good when you want to save money on your car insurance.

The first thing you’ll get asked for is your zip code. After that, you’ll be asked a number of questions in connection to establishing your identity, such as a single, male age 25 years old or a married man age 50. By answering these quick questions, you’re beginning to fill in the blanks of your own insurance profile in order to get premiums that are specific to your situation.

You’ll next be asked different questions about your lifestyle, driving record, amount of protection you’re looking for and the vehicle you drive.

As soon as you input the data, you will receive rates immediately.


The Choice is Yours

When you calculate car insurance online, you will have the power to do a comparison of costs and coverages and be better informed. There’s power in information and the more precise the information the better. Then the choice is yours relating to which car insurance provider you selected and the type of coverage you choose. A car insurance calculator is a huge help to consumers!

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